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Continuum on South Beach

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South Tower

Address: 100 South Pointe Dr South Beach, FL 33139

Oceanfront Luxury Condo Building in South Beach, Florida. If you are looking for the best-of-the-best, when it comes to Miami Beach condos, the Continuum South Tower is one of South Beach's most-famous luxury condos, and it has some of the largest penthouses, as well. It's one of our true resort-inspired oceanfront condos, with a private beach club, sprawling pool area, onsite restaurant and world-class fitness center. The floorplans offer residents breathtaking views of the beach and ocean, and come finished with the very-best of features. It's a gated, family-friendly community with many stories to tell.

Floors 5-21

Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 1Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 2Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 3Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 4Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 5Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 6Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 7Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 8Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 9Continuum Floors 5-21 Residence 10

Floors 22-29

Continuum Floors 22-29 Residence 1Continuum Floors 22-29 Residence 2Continuum Floors 22-29 Residence 4Continuum Floors 22-29 Residence 5Continuum Floors 22-29 Residence 9

Floors 30-39

Continuum Floors 30-39 Residence 1Continuum Floors 30-39 Residence 2Continuum Floors 30-39 Residence 3Continuum Floors 30-39 Residence 4Continuum Floors 30-39 Residence 5Continuum Floors 30-39 Residence 6Continuum Floors 30-39 Residence 7
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